About Cork Fabric

So why cork fabric I hear you say………

Let us take you on a journey where the cork tree grows and tell you some more information about the fabric we use in our kits.

We source our fabric from Portugal, which is home to the best cork worldwide.  The country’s climate is the key feature to obtain high quality cork.

The cork trees are harvested every 9-12 years for their bark and are never cut down as the bark replenishes itself after a harvest.This therefore, provides an environment that nurtures birds and animals to prevent the land from becoming deserted.

The cork we use in our kits is grown, harvested and produced in Portugal.

The fabric is made by shaving the natural cork tree bark into very thin sheets which are then fixed to a cotton, polyester and PU backing to make it durable. This process does not involve any harsh chemicals or Formaldehyde. The composition of the backing on our fabrics is 55% PU Textile, 29.5% Cotton and 15.5% Polyester.

The other unique properties that cork fabric has is that it is:

Vegan approved by PETA

Water resistant


Soft and warm to touch

Extremely light

It does not absorb dust

Each piece different, much like a fingerprint.

In addition to that it is estimated that every year, cork oak forests retain up to 14 million tons of C02 so it helps to reduce the greenhouse effect.

So what’s not to love about this gift from nature?!!!