About us

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One stitch is never enough was founded by Marie, who has been sewing since her mother taught her at an early age. It was then she realised that sewing was her true passion. She was often found measuring up her dolls for a new outfit or accessory!

 13 years ago, Marie returned from an extensive travelling trip around the world feeling very inspired. With little spare funds to buy a new sewing machine, she rescued an old Singer Starlet from landfill . After a service and a some TLC,  the lovely machine was up and running and Marie started sewing more than she had before, finding it a soothing way to settle back into everyday life. She decided to focus on handbags and dressmaking to achieve her goal of one day, having a handmade wardrobe.

Fast forward many years,  she has now created a plethora of garments and handbags and still adds to her handmade wardrobe on a regular basis.

When she’s not at her sewing machine at home or looking after her young family, you may find Marie at her local craft centre, teaching others the techniques needed to start their own sewing journey.

Marie is always inspired by the natural world around her so when she discovered the uniqueness of cork fabric she fell in love immediately.

After learning more about its unique beauty, properties, sustainability and how wonderful it was to sew, she just knew she had to do something special with it. So, she took to her sewing table and designed a stylish, easy to construct bag kit, to enable people to enjoy the process of creating with cork as well as the end result.

This enjoyment of creating, resulting in a quality end product, is what lies at the heart of One Stitch Is Never Enough.

Marie hopes that you have as much pleasure making your cork bag as she did and looks forward to introducing another bag in her collection and some workshops very, very soon.